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*BSD training vendors

My "day job" uses *BSD variants in production (400 or more machines) and therefore we have some people here who are not hardcore developers but who would like to get to know *BSD systems administration, fundamentals, and resource tuning a bit better. Our NOC, applications developers, and others need to know their way around the system but don't necessarily need a training course on kernel optimization (no, we're not sending them all to BSDCON this year. :) Our hardcore developers don't have the time to do such teaching, and usually (no offense intended) don't teach particularly well, anyway.

If anyone knows of any vendors who have _good_ courses (not "BSD for Dummies", please) and who are willing to send trainers afield (DC Metro area) then please drop me a URL. I'll forward to our training coordinator.

I'm looking for specifically BSD training, not generalized UNIX training. I.E.: The training material should all have been written from scratch using "ps -aux" instead of "ps -ef" as the example. Granted, many things are similar, but they're not the same (as most of you on this list are well aware.)

I've RTFM'ed, and used every search engine I can think of to try to find vendors with these specific requirements; no luck. I think this is a startlingly small number of training vendors I'm hunting after, which worries me...


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