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Update: Problem with 8/25 snapshot, Dell Latitude CPt, 3com 3CCFE 575BT-D (xl0)

I just downloaded the 9/10 snapshot and did a fresh install.  It detected
the 3c575 on booting from the CD (yay!) but as soon as I started doing a
higher-bandwidth transfer (FTP) I got "[date] [sysname] /bsd: xl0: watchdog
timeout".  After that I couldn't use the card until a reboot, same symptoms
as before.  I don't have any other models of Cardbus NICs to try, but using
a 3c574 (ep0, I think) pccard worked fine.

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On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Steve Shockley wrote:

> I've got a Dell Latitude CPt I'm trying to install the 8/25 i386 snapshot
> on.  If I boot from the CD (using cdrom28.fs) it doesn't detect the NIC,
> if I boot from an older 2.7 Boot Disk C, it does see it.  Two questions:

Only floppy28C.fs has CardBus support enabled, not the CD. Perhaps this
could be changed though...

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