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UID length?

Hello All,

Does anyone know if OpenBSD is still limited to 8 character UID length, as I suspect it is? I've just created a user name 'majordomo', and the system is not allowing me to login, modify or delete the user, weather I refer to it with the 8 or 9 character name:

mail# su -l majordomo
su: unknown login majordomo
mail# su -l majordom
su: unknown login majordom
mail# userdel -r majordomo
userdel: No such user `majordomo'
mail# userdel -r majordom
userdel: No such user `majordom'

IMO if the system can't handle UID > 8 characters then useradd shouldn't allow you to create them! Before I go in and hack the passwd file, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has run into this problem before and weather there is a solution to either allow this UID work, or allow me to delete the user via the system tools (e.g. user or userdel). If I have to hack, what file(s), other than /etc/passwd need to be modified or updated? (e.g. /etc/shadow)

	- Steve