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Strange last login line with OpenSSH 2.2.0


I am running OpenBSD 2.7-STABLE/sparc on a SS5. This week I have upgraded
OpenSSH to the latest CVS version and since there are strange "last
login" lines during login.

When I log on with telnet it gives the date and the host from I last
logged on, but if I use ssh it gives me the date and host of the current

Is it my fault, or there is something wrong here in the code?

Attila Nagy                                    e-mail:  Attila_(_dot_)_Nagy_(_at_)_fsn_(_dot_)_hu
Technical College of Budapest (BMF.HU)            Tel: +361 210 1415 (194)
H-1084 Budapest, Tavaszmezo u. 15-17.             Fax: +361 210 1433