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Re: boot problem - hardware?

Ben Bullock wrote:
> I've been working off and on over the past couple of weeks with a new
> i386 system on which 2.7 is installed.  Had no problems whatsoever
> until yesterday, when out of the blue, the box started having problems
> booting up.  I worked with it this afternoon for awhile, during which
> time I must have rebooted 15 or 20 times at the very least.  Out of
> that number about three boots were successful but the rest hung.  I've
> attached dmesg.txt from one of the successful boots as a reference.
> ...
> ...
> ... 
> I'm suspecting a hardware problem might be the cause of this
> difficulty but wanted to see if anyone else has had this type of
> problem and might be able to offer some advice on how to proceed.

Replying to my own post:
It was flaky hardware. Replaced the AGP video card with a PCI card and
the problem went away.

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