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Re: Serial Terminal

William C. Allen <allenwc_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

What utility in openBSD will allow me to connect to a serial device

cu(1), tip(1) Also kermit(1) from the ports.

and emulate a VT100 for keys and paging?

I guess that means that you aren't already working from a VT100-compatible terminal.

That is correct. My old DOS terminal (8086, 640K ram, 720K floppy) passed away last week. I wanted to use openBSD for analysis anyway so this is as good a time as any . . .

 Depending on what platform you're on,
the native OpenBSD console emulates a (superset of a) VT100.
Otherwise:  xterm(1) or screen(1) from the ports.

(Serial) communications and terminal emulation or entirely different
functions.  Looking for them in the same program is a clear sign
of PC-thinking.

I was a PC user until June 15, 2000!

So, if I use cu to connect to my serial device, what port do I use? I tried cua01 but cu says: "no matching port", I tried ttys1 and tty01, same thing. I've run out of ideas.
Later . . . WebBug

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