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Re: Yet Another Q about crunch floppies

root <lists_(_at_)_gecko_(_dot_)_math_(_dot_)_ualberta_(_dot_)_ca> writes:

> working on the 1-disk firewall/router/vpn and making some progress.
> yes, i'll post a recipie once its finished. pablo: if the offer's
> still open, can i get a copy of your floppy-building instructions?
> after much thumping on the contents of
> /usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies/*, i think i almost understand what's
> going on. i copied common/list and common/instbin.conf to backups
> and edited the originals to remove unneeded things like installboot
> and fdisk and replacing them with stuff like isakmpd and brconfig.
> and of course ssh. i get these errors when running make...

I did a little with crunch floppies (actually 2.88M El Torito boot
images) on our diskless OpenBSD project here. Life became much easier
when I was reminded that with a CD you can

  config bsd root on cd0a

Don't know if you want to consider CDs for your project.

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