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Having a chooser pop up instead of xdm or login

Many, many moons ago I wrote asking how to have my openbsd box emulate
an Xterminal that shows a chooser as the default screen, upon which a
user can click and select a X server to connect to.

Some people thought I was crack delusioned, I think, but I got it
working under freebsd and recently got it working on openbsd (we had
been doing it on debian from inittab at work)

The secret to putting the X -indirect line in /etc/ttys (which is what
actually brings up a chooser screen) is that for whatever reason initd
reacts poorly to X's normal output when called, and respawns X until
it shuts down that console.

The line I put in /etc/ttys for a SS10 with a chooser screen is:
console "/usr/X11R6/bin/Xconscript"     xterm on secure

and Xconscript is:
/usr/X11R6/bin/X -indirect chooser.fqdn 2> /var/log/Xerr > /var/log/Xmsg

Interstingly, nothing is output to Xerr or Xmsg, but it works so I'm
satisfied :) (and this just might be useful to someone else)

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