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NICs needed for OpenBSD dev

To ensure the network device support in 2.8 is top-notch, we need some
cards donated for testing and development. In particular, the dc(4) and
xl(4) drivers have seen many changes for which we would like to fully test
before the next release. We need these *ASAP*. I work my butt off to move
towards the goal of supporting every darn NIC out there, but it's you, the
user, who can really play a big part in making this happen. :-)

If you have any of these to donate, please contact me.

3Com 3C905 EtherLink XL PCI (xl)
	I can't believe I don't have one yet... Anyhow, changes going in
	to support xl-based MiniPCI adapters in some HP laptops.

Macronix 98713, 98715, 98725 (dc) [one of each if possible] PCI
	In particular, we're aware of issues with the Macronix 98715 card
	in -current. These are common cards, so they must be fixed!

Davicom DM9100 or DM9102 (dc) [one of each if possible]
Lite-On 82c168 or 82c169 (dc) [one of each if possible] PNIC PCI
Macronix/Lite-On 82c115 (dc) PNIC-II PCI

Those tracking -current may have also noticed we are working towards
better CardBus support. In fact, we want CardBus to be enabled by default
in GENERIC kernels for 2.8. Currently we only support 3Com 3c575 models.
The following CardBus PC Cards would help:

Intel PRO/100 EtherExpress Mobile 32-bit CardBus Adapter
Any RealTek-based CardBus cards

Remember, it is due to user donations, feedback, bug reports, and testing
that has made OpenBSD the high-quality OS it is today.


Aaron Campbell