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Console Locking Up

I'm running OpenBSD 2.6-STABLE, and I'm experiencing wierd console locking problems. If I a) login via console and don't interact with the system through the console, I find it locks up, or if I don't login for a long time, the console stops responding. The system still works (ie ssh, ftp, dns -- its my router/firewall system), it's just the console locking I have a problem with. The machine itself is a Dell OptiPlex GXi (Pentium 166 with 64 megs of ram), and it is on a KVM switch. I seriously doubt it's the kvm switch thats the problem, because I also have a linux and FreeBSD box connected to it, and no problems there. If anyone has a solution or maybe an idea, please email me back.

Tony Lambiris [tony_(_at_)_themail_(_dot_)_com]
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