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Re: Need help with install (detailed)

At 22:41 01.09.00 -0500, David Kanter <david_(_dot_)_kanter_(_at_)_mindspring_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>1. Use Windows' Partition Magic to set aside a partition, of unknown type, 
>for OpenBSD. (I did this because the OpenBSD fdisk was a little confusing 
>for me.)
[ ... ]
>9. "Escape to shell? [n]" is where all "hell" breaks loose. I get an error 
>that "/dev/wd0d on /mnt/tmp: Inappropriate  file type or format. Cannot 
>mount filesystem."

I received the same message when installing openbsd 2.7 to the 4th slice
in an IBM Aptiva, P 400. This worked for me:

(1) I doubled the individual partition sizes for /, /usr, /var etc 
    from faq 4, incl. additional space for /home and /tmp.
(2) I created separately each of the partitions with Partition Magic,
    i.e. 48MB for /, wrote down the exact number of setors offered by
    Partition Magic (here: 104.832), deleted the partition, created a
    new partition, i.e. 250MB for /usr etc.
(3) After repeating (2) for each of the intended openbsd's partitions 
    I, finally, created slice 4 as 'primary dos partition'. Also, I didn't
    use the last cyl.
(4) I set slice 4 to 'active partition', rebooted the system and 
    installed openbsd from cd. Slice 4 was changed to A6 in fdisk,
    and disklabel was offered the sector number (instead of i.e. 50MB)
    as given by Partition Magic (also, I didn't care of both small parts
    of unused space, in slice 4 and the disk, a total of about 10 MB).

Then openbsd installed fine.

I know it's not brilliant and I'm sure there are more simple or
elegant ways. But, being new to unix and openbsd, it worked for me.
BTW, openbsd 2.6 or 2.7 installed to 4 non-IBM PCs without these

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