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Re: Netscape config

* tomd_(_at_)_sacefcu_(_dot_)_org <tomd_(_at_)_sacefcu_(_dot_)_org> [000901 11:20]:
> This is a little off, but I've looked at the program and various sources
> elsewhere and can't find the answer.

I hope there isn't one.

> In netscape when you are replying to a message it automatically throws
> you tot he bottom of the new window to start typing your reply.  I'd
> like for it to put the cursor at the top instead but can't see where
> to change that.

You do *NOT* want to change that. It is an *extremely* annoying way of
quoting, and it's almost guaranteed to lead to full quotes. In short:
don't do it. Using netscape, the first thing to do is manually nuke the
sig, anyway. I will never understand why anyone would use this /thing/
when Gnus, mutt and slrn are available.

> Anyone have any ideas?

Read this: http://www.math.fu-berlin.de/~guckes/mail/edit.html
Since this is really off topic, I've set the reply-to accordingly.
Fitting places would be e.g. news:netscape.public.mozilla.mail-news