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Re: Viruses and OpenBSD

> Sorry, man.  A virus is simply a self-replicating program; hence a virus
> can exist on just about any and all platforms whatsoever.

	True. But the majority of viruses & worms attack people's mail
clients (though there is that nifty network.vbs). To my knowledge Pine and
Elm (the only 2 I use) are not suseptible in the least <knocks wood>. As
for the rest of Unix ... I don't know of any way for a 'foreign' program
to be executed without direct user intervention at some point or another.

	Duping depraved X-windows users aside, unix style OSes have a
long long long way to go before X becomes a viable alternative to an MSWin 
desktop. I find X (pick a brand) to be very slow and unstable compared to
MSWindows. Whereas unix is so much better used as a command line server
that it leaves WinNT and the like flopping around spastically in the dust.
	My solution (which has worked flawlessly) is to only do mail via
telnet or ssl sessions directly to my unix box. I leave the multimedia to
Microsoft which typically does a much better job at the client end.