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RE: Is there _any_ way to get help on rebuilding binaries?!

One reason would be getting the sources for the gcc compiler v.2.95.3
prerelese. I didn't get them when using the OPENBSD_2_7 tag with CVSup...


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> Subject: Re: Is there _any_ way to get help on rebuilding binaries?!
> AnnMarie Clattenburg <aclattenburg_(_at_)_hinespool_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> > I'm not going to be much help since I'm only on my second 
> week of OpenBSD
> > after years with NT.  I also could not get the make build 
> to work with
> > -current.
> Why are you trying to go -current if you're only in your second
> week of running OpenBSD (and presumably don't have much other unix
> experience either)?  This is insane.  -current is for developers.
> > So I reinstalled and tried the cvs patch branch instead and it
> > worked great.  Maybe the instructions were just better, 
> don't know, but I
> > suspect the patch branch is a better choice for newbies...
> It's for users who don't work on improving OpenBSD itself.  That
> includes new users almost by definition.
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