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Re: Installation from Linux NFS

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 04:44:54AM -0700, Marko Cehaja wrote:
> I tried to install using the FTP and NFS method from the bootdisk 26,
> but it doesn't start networking.                         ^^^^^^^^^^^

Try 2.7 :-)

> Let's say my GNU/Linux computer has local IP (magikomik.kosmos)
>, the new OpenBSD Server will have (seh.kosmos)
> The network card NE1 is recognized. There is no need for DHCP, but I
> don't know should I enable DNS for that local connection or not? How
> it will work?

ne1 ? Do you have two ne* (NE2000 compatibles) cards in this PC ?
Check this NIC's IRQ and I/O ports and at the "boot>" prompt type
"boot -c", set the right IRQ and I/O ports for ne0 (not ne1) and
disable all other "ne" devices.

Type "help" at the runtime configuration prompt (I don't recall how
it's called) to see the syntax. Warning, "disable ne*" doesn't disable
ne0 and ne1 and ne<n>, it just disable "ne*", ie there's no wildcards.