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Re: GDT3000 EISA "not configured"

Philipp Buehler wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> [..]
> eisa0 at mainbus0
> device GDT3001 at eisa0 slot 1 not configured
> ep0 at eisa0 slot 4: 3Com 3C579 ...
> [..]
> not configured in case of EISA configuration I guess, but I don't
> really think so. The box is running a linux 2.2 kernel pretty well
> for now.

Well I found out, that this message is a missing Kernel
Configuration. So I got sources and tried to build a new kernel.

# config -s /usr/src/sys -b . STURGEON
STURGEON:53: gdt's cannot attach to eisa's
STURGEON:54: scsibus* at gdt? is orphaned
 (nothing matching gdt? declared)
*** Stop.

So there is no EISA support for GDT!? *sniff*

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