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Cranky ppp performance in 2.7.


I'm having problems with ppp on OpenBSD.  The performance
is cranky to say the least.  It will only manage a
1.5k/sec download and the /var/log/messages is full of
keepalives.  For once, Win98 kills it on the same
hardware _and_ ISP (6.5k/sec solid).  I've reconnected
about 10 times and it really doesn't help in OpenBSD!

ppp> show physical

gives average of 1600bytes/sec (whoopee - speed!).  I'm
running in interactive mode if that helps (probably
not).  I've also tried both serial ports to the same
effect (the ports are fine - my Palm connects at 115200
no problems).

Useful info stuff:

  OpenBSD release:  2.7
  Kernel:           as provided on default install
  Modem:            Hayes Accura V90 external
  Serial ports:     16550N clones (on BX/82371 chipset)
                    BIOS has port/IRQ fixed as per standards.
  ISP:              UUnet

Any ideas...I'm stumped!


- Chris