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Problems with the Toshiba Magnia 5010 Server


  At great cost to us,   we purchased an industrial server machine detailed
in the subject above,    but we are unable to get it to boot.

  We took a hard drive from Western Digital an IDE drive,   installed it in
the Toshiba.     The drive already had OpenBSD installed on it before we
moved it over to the Pentuim.

  Even before anything happened,   we are getting a Read error.    So next
we saved all our configuration files,   and re-connected the drive over to
the toshiba,   then tried a complete re-install,   and got further on with
the problem.

  We have another SCSI drive,    and want to try an install on that one.
First,   we want to download the latest version,    but of anyone could
shed some light on this,    let me know.