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Re: Compaq problems with OpenBSD

Jason Downs wrote:
> In message <390112CF_(_dot_)_5C85E1D3_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com>,
>         Nick Holland writes:
> >Fabricio Lima wrote:
> >>
> >>Hello!
> >>
> >>Does the OpenBSD recognizes whole your memory installed?
> >>
> >>I have a Compaq prosignia 300 with 96MB RAM + HD 4Gb SCSI, but
> >>the OpenBSD 2.6 only detects 16 Mb of RAM
> >
> >Yep.  OpenBSD certainly recognizes more that 16M of RAM. [...]
> Not on older Compaqs.

I dont seem to have the original thread here to respond to, so this
seems like a good spot.  Ive worked with this problem quite a bit so
far, seeing as though I have a Prosignia 300 as well. There are quite a
few variations of them (cpu/onboard mem) due to that nice "CPU module"..
but anyway:

Mine has 32MB installed, 16 onboard? and 2 8MB simms, obsd will only
detect up to 16MB by default.  As does freebsd, and netbsd ( i think ). 
My simple hack was to just add the EXTMEM_SIZE=32*1024 (where 32 is your
amount of ram).  It has worked fine in the past with this, although I
dont exactly beat on this machine.  Just make sure you gave yourself
enough swap space to compile a kernel if you only have 16MB of ram  :-)

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