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Re: CPU Question preference (AMD, Intel)

On Wed, Apr 19, 2000, Byron Miller wrote:
> There are Windows benchmarks on both www.anandtech.com and 
> www.cpureview.com that show there is very little difference in P3 and 
> Athalon other than price. Admittedly, they never compare them running 
> Unix (some Linux), but the win benchmarks are a pretty good indication.

Is there any reason why so many people call the processor "Athalon"?
Is this something a non-english speaker should understand? I've
even seen advertisements using this name...

Just curious.

PS: I prefer AMD because they gave me data sheets for free when I
asked for those during the work on my PhD thesis. Intel wanted
$100... they were the only one of all processor manufacturers I
asked who wanted money for some documentation.