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Re: Loopback mounts - best way?

Okay, I've continued my investigation in this matter, and I've crossed out
vnd because its apparently used for only normal files, which excluses
directories (running vnconfig on a dir returns an error).

nullfs looks promising, simply because it works, very simple to mount -o
ro -t null /d1/dir2 /dir1, however I am concerned about its stability
after I saw a thread from 5mos back on this list that said it had file
locking issues. This dir would be under heavy use and I can't really
afford to have it crashing often. I've been trying to find out if there
has been progress on the nullfs, however I've been hitting a brick wall
for lack of information. I'm interested in hearing whether the null fs
works well, or if it really would be better for me to do a NFS loopback?
(this is certainly not preferred, but if its the most stable, I'll do what
i have to do..)

Please chime in if you have information relevant..


>good morning,
>I'm trying to find the best way to remount a local directory in a
>different place w/ different options. I have /dir/dir2/ which is part of
>sd0d which is mounted under /dir/ as rw. I would like to have dir2/
>mounted as /dir1/ with ro. I've been searching around trying to find the
>best way to do this, and I can't get much information. From the mailing
>list it looks like some people use nullfs but its not recommended and NFS
>is? I also saw something about vnd, and basically I'm just confused now.
>any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
>please cc me on all replies, I am not currently subscribed to the list..
>thank you,

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