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Using GRE

[ Funny the email I sent last night didn't seem to get though.  Sorry if
people have seen this twice.]

I'm setting up a GRE tunnel between two openbsd boxes, so I can tunnel
IPSec over that.  This is because the DSL modem (Nokia M10) that sits at
one location does IPNAT, but does allow me to pinhole (RDR) the pptp/gre

Anyway in the man page is:
  ifconfig <etherif> alias Y
meant to be
  ifconfig <etherif> alias A
otherwise what is Y meant to be?

Also, to create a GRE tunnel though a default deny policy ipf firewall I
simply have to allow GRE packets though?

ie. something like: 
  pass {in,out} quick on  ne3 proto gre from A/32 to D/32 
Where A & D are as in the man page.

and then the virtual interface:
  pass in quick on gre0 ....  

Will it work though ipnat with redirection?


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