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translated web pages

I've just been looking at our translated web pages (go to www.openbsd.org,
and in the upper left hand corner you will see a list of languages).

I think we should thank the people who have put effort into making
this happen:

*  		Wim Vandeputte	  wvdputte_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
ES 		Horacio MG        homega_(_at_)_ciberia_(_dot_)_es
NL 		Daniel De Kok     danieldk_(_at_)_nl_(_dot_)_linux_(_dot_)_org
NL 		Bart Hanssens     bhanssen_(_at_)_users_(_dot_)_grmbl_(_dot_)_com
DE 		Jan-Uwe Finck     jan-uwe_(_dot_)_finck_(_at_)_bigfoot_(_dot_)_de
SE 		Johan Hermansson  javax_(_at_)_chaosdev_(_dot_)_org
FR 		Olivier Dembour   olivier_(_dot_)_dembour_(_at_)_axe-ip_(_dot_)_fr
FR 		BSDfr.org         hegemoon_(_at_)_bsdfr_(_dot_)_org
FR 		Patrice Salnot    salnot_(_at_)_cybercable_(_dot_)_fr

In particular, Horacio, Jufi and Wim have been doing most of the work,
and I think we should thank them even more.  And I think all of this
was originally the idea of Horacio and Wim.

Yup, it's pretty cool.