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"move away <foo>, it is in the way" cvs error

Every so often when doing a cvs update I receive errors like the

cvs update: move away xc/programs/ssh-askpass/ChangeLog; it is in the way
C xc/programs/ssh-askpass/ChangeLog
cvs update: move away xc/programs/ssh-askpass/Imakefile; it is in the way
C xc/programs/ssh-askpass/Imakefile
cvs update: move away xc/programs/ssh-askpass/README; it is in the way
C xc/programs/ssh-askpass/README
cvs update: move away xc/programs/ssh-askpass/SshAskpass-1337.ad; it is in
C xc/programs/ssh-askpass/SshAskpass-1337.ad
cvs update: move away xc/programs/ssh-askpass/SshAskpass-NeXTish.ad; it is
the way

My first question is, does this mean these files are no longer marked for
current use (they are in the attic or something) and that they should be

My second question is, is there a cvs update command that will prune this
stuff for me during the cvs update?  Assuming there is not, should I
delete the files that cvs claims are "in the way" manually?

I can only imagine there is something in the man pages that I
overlooked.  If this is the case and somebody would not mind too much
taking the time to slap me around and set me straight that would be
great.  Thanks for your help.


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