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Re: reliable hardware

I also like Dell, although they are rather pricy.
I order a dimension xps 4 years ago during my sophmore year in college. I have
only had to service  the pc once,
and that was to replace a bad simm. Dell was very responsive, they shipped the
part to me next business day and i was up and
I was up an running in two day.
I have a compaq ap400, which is a great machine but compaq's service needs a
major overhaul. I have a next on-site tech service, which
despite its claim is not next day. Here is the process. First compaq ships the
part to Inacom or whoever handles their service, Inacom then
ships the part to me. Then I schedule an appointment with the assigned tech to
appear on site, which he missed. It has been a wek already
and I have not gotten my power supply replaced yet. Something I can do myself,
but compaq under my agreement dosen't allow it.


andres_(_at_)_msu_(_dot_)_edu on 04/11/2000 03:00:35 PM

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Subject:  Re: reliable hardware

I have a Dell 1300 series server with an 18G disk and 512M ram.  My only
in ordering it was that I got the supported SCSI chip controllers wrong,
such that I
had to go out and buy a an aha-2940 pro and disable the builtin 7890 (or
was it 7880?)
  based controller.

Overall, I really like Dell.  I've bought about 60 of them, with 1 dimm, 1
1 sound card and 4 monitors having developed problems over a 4 year time