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Re: Dual boot Windows NT 4.0 Server OpenBSD

> I am new to the Unix world and I am trying to install OpenBSD to dual boot
with my NT system. I have read all the FAQ's and install.i386 and such but
still cannot fix the problem. I have 2 disks 1 is on primary IDE controller
running NT Sever with NTFS partitions the 2nd is on IDE 2 and have loaded obsd
using whole disk. I have done the dd if=/dev/rwd1a (and rwd1c) of=openbsd.pbr
bs=512 count=1 both as root and in single user mode. I have gotten varied
results thus far but non being successfull. I have copied the openbsd.pbr to c:
and edited the boot.ini file. so far I get bad magic or is see it switch
looking as if will load obsd but goes back to boot selection screen. I have
noticed when it does this that there is a flash on the screen saying drive 0
partition 3. partition 3 is correct but should be trying to boot from drive 1.
Any suggestions on how to fix...please provide if able step by step as I am a
real newbie.
> Thanks 
> Chris

It seems that getting the NT boot loader to boot an operating system from
another, as opposed to the same, disk is tricky. I don't know how relevant it
is but the following document describes one method of doing this for the case
of FreeBSD (it involves hacking some assembly code):
Would a similar hack be appropriate for OpenBSD?

David Scott