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OpenBSD/pmax crashes compiling kernel

I've installled OpenBSD 2.6 on a DECstation 2100 with 24 MB RAM (64 MB swap is
activated). It ran flawlessly for about 12 hours.
Now I tried to compile a kernel. I got:


cc  -O -Werror -Wno-main -mno-abicalls -mcpu=r3000  -nostdinc -I.
-I/usr/src/sys/arch -I/usr/src/sys -DCPU_R3000 -DMIPS1 -DDS3100 -DTIMEZONE="0"
-c vers.c
ld -N -Ttext 80030000 -e start -x -o bsd -e start -T
/usr/src/sys/arch/pmax/conf/ld.script ${SYSTEM_OBJ} vers.o
if_ethersubr.o: In function `ether_output':
/usr/src/sys/net/if_ethersubr.c(.text+0x418): undefined reference to `looutput'
if_ether.o: In function `arp_rtrequest':
/usr/src/sys/netinet/if_ether.c(.text+0x3ec): undefined reference to `loif'
/usr/src/sys/netinet/if_ether.c(.text+0x3f0): undefined reference to `loif'
ip_output.o: In function `ip_mloopback':
/usr/src/sys/netinet/ip_output.c(.text+0x1c38): undefined reference to

now the machine no longer reacts to pings and seems unreachable (I'm currently
accessing it from remote, so unfortunately I cannot give any further

It was running the generic kernel, of course.
Georg Schwarz                             schwarz_(_at_)_physik_(_dot_)_tu-berlin_(_dot_)_de
Institut für Theoretische Physik    Tel. +49 30 314-24254, FAX -21130
Technische Universität Berlin          http://home.pages.de/~schwarz/
Sekr. PN 7-1, Hardenbergstr. 36, D-10623 Berlin            IRC: kuroi

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