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httpd rebuild solved...

In case anybody is interested in how I finally got httpd to compile I'll
explain below.  First, however a few things worth mentioning:

* I didn't have a problem with making php from source, so using the php
  port/package was not an issue to me.  In fact I did NOT want to use the
  port/package since php was compiled as a shared object, which I did not
  want.  Therefore, I HAD to rebuild httpd to include php support.

* The problem I had was that when I would rebuild httpd, mod_ssl would
  not work.

* All of this was done on a fresh install of 2.6/i386.

After spending much too much time last night, I was able to rebuild a
working httpd with php and mod_ssl by adding a "-L/usr/local/lib" to the
httpd Makefile.  It would appear that there are two versions of libssl
(both static and shared) installed on my system, one in /usr/lib and the
second in /usr/local/lib.  It would also appear that the libssl
installed in /usr/lib does not have the RSL functions, while the one in
/usr/local/lib does.  This is what caused my problem.  My question is
how the hell do these things build on the developer's machines?  Am I
missing something?  Does an environmental variable get somewhere that
causes things to link to the libssl in /usr/local/lib instead of
/usr/lib?  Are these things documented anywhere?