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AMD 53c974

I have a SCSI card that has an AMD 53c974 chip on it which the person I bought
it from claims to be NCR 53C875 compatible.  

I recompiled my kernel, and when I reboot I get the message:

"AMD 53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI" rev 0x10 at pci0 dev 9 function 0 not configured

I have configured the kernel to include the driver for NCR538XX series cards,
but I do not know if I am missing anything.

The card is called a Tekram 390.  It is a cheapo-SCSI, and I
was not really expecting big things out of it, only to get a tape drive I have
working.   They have FreeBSD and Linux drivers, but
unfortunately no OpenBSD.

Any help/advice, would be appreciated.


Sorry if I am in the wrong list for this, but I am still new to OpenBSD, and
this is where I see most hardware questions addressed.