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Transparent network.


Im quite new to OpenBSD, and I hope that this is not a that stupid

My network looks like this, I have a firewall running with 2 nic's,
all the IP numbers inside is public, and the firewall has 2 ip

Until recently i have been running linux, but because of some uptime
problems i see OpenBSD as a better choice.

I configured the OpenBSD 2.6 with ip.forwarding and i started bridge
for xl0 and xl1 as is says in the man files, but i cannot ping any
external ip numbers from the firewall, and i cannot ping one of the
network cards, i guess that this is because of they having the same
net and netmask. The firewall wont bridge outside of the net either.

Could someone give any comment or pointer about how a transparent
firewall should be done, i cannot find any good docs about this.

I appreciate that you took the time to read, thanks in advance.

Best regards,
 Fredrik Bergström