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Re: modem trouble

Are you sure that's NOT a Winmodem ?

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 jas_(_at_)_ops_(_dot_)_sgp_(_dot_)_arm_(_dot_)_gov wrote:

> Hey all, I'm running a fresh install of 2.6 i386 (off a cd) with the generic
> kernel. I'm having some trouble getting my modem to work. When I do a
> 'cu -l /dev/cua01' (which is my modem, I think, whatever cuaa1 is in fbsd),
> it spits out a bunch of gibberish on the screen. The only thing I can do 
> is send a ~. (no at, no nothing). Naturally, it's easier to blame the hardware
> than admit you're wrong. So I changed out the modem, but it still does the 
> exact same thing. I tried connecting to some of the other ports, but nothing
> seemed to be there. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? 
> Jeff

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