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RE: About the OpenBSD RedHat merger.

maybe Raadt Labs looks better...


On 01-Apr-2000 Morten Liebach wrote:
> Woohoo
> I think that was about time!
> Just think about how cool the new mascot will look!
> Just too bad that they didn't call it GrayHat OpenBSD, but Rad Hat Labs,
> me thinks the former is the coolest, but hey, they gotta sell it to
> corp.'s with lawyers and all...
> Also it is a very good idea what with new license aggreement, I mean, it
> sound nearly as good as the Sun Cummunity license, and that one rulez!
> 'nuff said!
> I just wanna know where I can register as a licensee of the sourcecode,
> does anyone know?
> Also, will the new distro use to pkg or rpm packages?
> This is simply great, and congratulations & thanks to Theo and Young ;-)
> Sincerely
>                     Morten Liebach

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