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SMC WD8013 Re: the BEST net card for obsd (IMHO)

You know this is really off track:

My first tcp/ip PC's were running Western Digital 8013, that's where the
WD came from before SMC bought them.  I had several boxes running DOS 3.*
and packet drivers, with NCSA telnet/ftp connecting to VAXen across the
country, boy were my endusers impressed, "Whadaya mean, I don't have to
ship a 9-track tape over night to get this test data into analysis, you
mean I can do it electronically?"  

these cards blew rings around any other card out at the time.


On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Adam Thompson, MCNE, MCSE wrote:

> The EPIC100 chipset (tx*) from SMC is one of the best pieces of ethernet
> engineering I've seen, IMHO.  The last good SMC card prior to the 94xx
> family (all epic100s) was the WD8013 series.  It was also designed
> specifically for low CPU overhead, fast throughput.  I still run four or
> five ancient non-PnP WD8013EWC cards - and I can get full wire-speed on
> a 286 running DOS.  They were almost as good as the Madge RingNode+
> token-ring cards of the day, yet they ran ethernet!
> -Adam

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