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Re: Machine painfully slow after long idle

Well, I've not seen this, on a Dell 1300 server which has at times been
very quiet, running 2.6

However, it is *not* the 'great (not) feature of UNIX called virtual
memory'.  If you think virtual memory is painful, trying living without
it.  You aren't going to spend 20 to 30 seconds paging something in on
any machine these days, save for perhaps a 20MHz 386 with 8M ram on an
ancient ide disk.   Whatever the delay is, its very likely to be far
more subtle than that.

--STeve Andre'

At 08:26 PM 2/23/2000 GMT+5DST, amorel wrote:
>On 23-Feb-00, Joe Nall wrote:
>C=When I remotely log into an OpenBSD machine after a day or two of no
>C=network activity the login prompt often takes 20-30 seconds.  If the
>Maybe that is caused by one of unix` `great`(not) features called virtual
>memory and the way it does task scheduling. Unix and most other major os`s
>not real time and when something is not being used(is idle) it`ll be put
>in the virtual memory until something wakes it up. Well I simplified it a
>but I hope you get the point. Although I think a 20-30 sec delay is a bit too
>excessive :-)

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