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Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls

OK, I finally received my copy of Wes Sonnenreich and Tom Yate's Building
Linux and OpenBSD firewalls.  Anyone can order this book from
http://www.openbsd.org/books.html which will benefit the OpenBSD project (as
will the order of any book from that page.)

The audience for this book is primarly anyone who does not have much
experience with IP Filter and/or setting up OpenBSD.  It talks about the
differences between Linux and OpenBSD for a firewall (and I don't see anyone
not choosing OpenBSD from what they say), and it details the OpenBSD 2.5
installation process.  It goes on to explain how to setup IP Filter.

This book also explains various popular Internet protocols (POP, SMTP, HTTP),
and IRC, newsgroups, VNC, SSH, and more.  TCP hijacking and other network
security issues are also introducted to the reader.  This is excellent
beginner material.

If you already know how to install OpenBSD, and if you already understand the
IP Filter HOWTO (at http://www.obfuscation.org/ipf/) then there probably
isn't much in this book for you.  Hence, the title "Building..." I did notice
that this book took a few sentences from the FAQ (in particular, the little
bit I wrote in faq11.html about ECC RAM).  It points readers to the FAQ and
the web site for details.

Even though the authors reviewed OpenBSD 2.5, a lot of the specifics in this
book are very up-to-date.  Expect it to become outdated in a few years. With
IPv6 and such coming up, I would like to see the second edition!


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