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Re: Hylafax

Tom DeSot <tomd_(_at_)_sacefcu_(_dot_)_org> writes:

> Is anyone using Hylafax or other fax server software on 2.6 i386 in
> a small/medium enterprise setting.

We are using Hylafax on OpenBSD 2.6 snap and FreeBSD 3.3. We have yet
to get it to an acceptable degree of reliability. It once got itself
into a state where it refused to send anything (this problem was
reported on the mailing list several times with no solutions offered)
and the only recourse was to uninstall and reinstall. Shades of NT.

It works somewhat better now that we switched modems - from Sportster
to Courier and now finally to ZyXEL. Present status is that ASCII
files are sent ok but it fails to detect a properly sent Postscript
message and continually resends.

OTOH price is right and promised functionality is exactly what we want
if we ever get it tuned - or audit the bugs out!