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Xterm/xdm/Compat/disc/X load questions...


I've just installed OpenBSD 2.6 after being instantly converted from
FreeBSD (fed up of the hype) and have a couple of simple questions to ask
(shoot me if these are in the FAQ).

1/   Why has the Xdm startup screen been customised?  (I'm not complaining
- The blowfish is quite cool - just curious)

2/   Do the FreeBSD compatibility options pose any major/minor security

3/   My ATAPI drive (WDC Caviar 20.2G + Intel SE440BX2 Mobo (PIIX4 chip))
churns pretty badly.  On the installation I was forced to increase block
size somewhat.  Any ideas??  I'd poke in a dmesg but I'm at work where my
system is not :-(


Chris Smith
raytheon Systems Limited