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Answer: Installing PHP and mySQL on OpenBSD 2.6

virtual memory exhausted
multiply defined

I am sending this message to make it easy
for users to locate this information on
Geocrawler, since it is kind of a time
sink to wade through all of the stuff
already there. Remember, this is for
OpenBSD 2.6 on i386

1) Installing mySQL 3.22.22
!Important - use csh, NOT sh or ksh;
these instructions depend on a csh command.
Other shells have similar commands, for
simplicity I am outlining how to install
mySQL using csh!

cd to directory containing mySQL sources
using csh, follow the directions below

shellprompt>make install

2) Installing PHP 3.0.14 as a DSO module
!Note - Possible options for configuring
php are many and varied, all of the ones
shown below should work on a system with
mySQL installed (and are recommended by me),
otherwise do not include --with-mysql.
--without-pcre-regex is the
simple fix to the 'multiply defined'
error messages many people have
encountered. The option also turns off
PERL Compatible Regular Expressions in
your PHP module, so if you *need* that
you aren't done looking for the answer.
--with-apxs is required!

cd to directory containing php sources
and enter the commands as follows

shellprompt>./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs
--without-pcre-regex --with-mysql
--enable-track-vars --enable-magic-quotes
shellprompt>make install

Now edit httpd.conf
(/var/www/conf/htpd.conf by default)
and add the following lines in the
appropriate places - I put them near
the comments describing the options.
Also note that you must change
'/path/to/libphp3.so' to point to your
module. I made a modules directory
off of ServerRoot and mv'ed the module to it,
resulting in 'LoadModule modules/libphp3.so'. 

LoadModule php3_module /path/to/libphp3.so
AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .php3

OK, that's all. Everything should be
great now. Restart your server:

/usr/sbin/apachectl restart

If any of that information is incorrect,
I will be very embarrassed.
Please do not respond to this message
unless you notice an error, as that
will only add to the pile of notes that
users will have to look at when searching
for this
I apologize if these instructions seem
"dumbed down", but I figure this is all
grunt work (i.e. the value of learning
on one's own is outweighed by the need
to get things done) and should be presented in
an easily digestable form.

Thomas Lenius

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