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Dropping MAC addresses?

I seem to be epxeriencing somewhat of a weird problem with my openbsd
machine and a 100baseTX network card (device mx0, uses the tulip driver).
The machine is running OpenBSD 2.6 with the GENERIC kernel on i386 hardware.

The openbsd machine has an ip address of  For some reason, a
Windows98 machine on the same lan seems to have it's MAC address cleared
from the OpenBSD machine's arp table if no network activity is sent between
the two machines, and as a result, (this is what's strange) .3 loses the
ability to communicate with .1, but if I ping .3 from .1, the arp table
refreshes itself and they can talk again.

I jerry-rigged a cronjob to send a couple ICMP packets to .3 from .1 every
30 minutes or so, but I'm wondering if anyone may have heard of this
happening before under a different circumstance, and if so, how it was

Dave Brooks

david a. brooks
systems engineer
comstar.net, inc.
voice: .. 770/485-6029
pager: .. 770/213-6133

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