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gnu stow && obsd?

I have been trying to get GNU stow working...
-> http://www.gnu.org/software/stow/
Well, stow is not that complex and stow, itself works.
I'm just not having any luck installing things into the
stow directory structure.

Are there any fellow obsd users that use stow?  Do any
of you have any comments on this?

I have been thinking about trying to "stow" the packages
that I install.  I thought that by parsing the output of
"make -n install" and replacing all /usr/local/xxx with
/usr/local/stow/myprogram/xxx and replacing all
"make xxx" with "stowawayscript make xxx" would work
for any program.  Is this the case?  Is there anything
else that I have to watch out for?  Any thoughts, comments
suggestions?  Has this allready been done?

I know that *some* GNU programs support
"make install PREFIX=/my/new/dir" but most of the time
this just ends up recompiling the program for the new
directory structure...

This could be really useful for when you have to install
some item that is not in the ports tree, and would help
to organize the ports that you install.  I love having
lots of programs, but I hate having a 3 page list of

Ryan Erwin [ryan_(_at_)_erwin_(_dot_)_org]