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Re: More on the port tree

Sameh Ghane wrote:

> > Also the documentation states that is is possible to enable
> > compression on the line during a cvs session but another place states
> > that its should not be done when SSH is used because SSH already does
> > that ? What's the truth because to me when I look at the cvs output it
> > looks like there is a lot of overhead. I expected SSH to retrieve
> > compressed  chunks of source and compare them to the local srcs, but
> > it seems to do comparisons file by file. I am surely wrong on this I
> > would just like to know ;)
> From the same page:
> "Do not be tempted to turn on compression since CVS already compresses."
> SSH can compress, but in this case, we use CVS compression.

I know CVS can do compression, but it doesn't do it by default, does it?  By that
I mean that I see speedups of an order of magnitude when I add "-z 9" to the cvs
command line.

If CVS isn't compressing on any given connection, what's wrong with using SSH
compression for that connection?  Presumably it's the same CPU compressing the
same data, anyway...

I don't know enough about CVS to answer this:  is there some inherent advantage to
having CVS compress the data?


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