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Slow Printing

I posted a brief summary of this on the comp... newsgroup.
Here is a slightly more detailed version.

I have an HP deskjet 695C printer which I had attached to a FreeBSD 3.4 based machine. Whenever I printed it worked just fine.
However, running low on IRQ's on the machine I decided to swap the printer onto an OpenBSD machine I have. Having done this I setup the FreeBSD machine to remote print and it works of a fashion.
The problem I have is that it prints about a line every 30 minutes, something it certainly didn't do before switching machines. It is not a remote print problem as I have also tried a local print from the OpenBSD machine, same result...very slow printing.
I've tried to check for conflicting IRQ's (the lpt0 is as per the GENERIC kernel) and even disabled my COM ports to ensure that PnP devices took up 3 and 4. I also tried the alternative setting for the parallel port using IRQ 5. Nothing so far has caused any incrased speed of printing.
I've also tried using the standard lpd that comes with OpenBSD and also the LPRng package, but with the same result.

The BIOS sets the parallel port to full capability ECC+EPP (!!!) and uses DMA 3.

Does anyone have any ideas what else I could try ?

Mark Redding
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