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IMAP Problem

Hello misc,

  I have just ended my migration from a Linux box to a cool OpenBSD box.
  I am trying to get my mail back on line.
  The sendamil part get going just fine but I can't get the UW-IMAP  port to work properly
  for me.

    * first none of my Email client can get my mails form the imap4 service even if I can telnet
    to him and do a nice hello. One of my client try to send a "login" command to the imap
    daemon and I don't understand why. With Oulook express I can't get my mail properly
    from the inbox folder under /var/mail/username. I suspect my own mind to not properly
    grasp the relationship between IMAP folders, unix folders, the INBOX and the MBOX...
    somebody to help it ? ;)

    * Second I want my mail to be kept in a different place than the default user home
    dir. I would like them to stay in the inbox marked as read or be stored in another
    place under /var/.
    I want this  because I don't want the root mail to clobber the \ mount
    point and I don't want users messing with the mail files under their home dir. Plus I
    will find much more convenient to have all mails stored in one safe place at upgrade
    time :).

    * a procedure question : the uw-imap FAQ states that to stop the imap service to move
    messages from the inbox to the user mbox it shall be rebuild with a small Makefile
    To achieve that I have done :
            a MAKE CLEAN,
       then a MAKE EXTRACT ,
       then I applied the modification,
       then a MAKE BUILD and
       then a MAKE REINSTALL

       Is this the proper way ?

 Thanks a lot.

 Best regards,
 xmasson                          mailto:xmasson_(_at_)_assemblee-nationale_(_dot_)_fr