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dhclient question

Morning folks,

I have an DEC Multia w/2 NICs in it, acting as a firewall/NAT box (OBSD
2.4, generic kernel).  

The first NIC services the internal network, the second NIC connects to
a cable modem, and should be receiving an IP address via DHCP.  

My problem is that dhclient just doesn't receive an IP address. If I
plug a 98 box into the cable modem I get an IP instantly.. If I assign
an IP manually to the external NIC, everything works flawlessly -- it
just won't "take" an IP address via dhcp. (I noted the IP assigned to
the 98 box and just assigned it manually)

Unfortunately I am not in front of the box right now, or I'd send my
dmesg and the exact error message.  Basically, dhclient searches for an
IP (I get a few "looking for DHCP server" messages, and then goes to
sleep, runs in the background).

I am firing up dhclient by typing "dhclient xl0", xl0 being a 3Com NIC.  

Is there a "trick" to getting this working, or am I missing something

I know the problem desc. is lame, but I thought I'd check quickly before
bothering with a 2 pager.  If anyone has any quick suggestions, they
would be appreciated.  If not, I will fire off a better problem
description this evening. 

Thanks folks.

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