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OpenSSH and SHHD v.2 compatibility

Hello, OpenBSD gurus!

I have (maybe a newbie) question.

I have a SuSE Linux box which is configured as a firewall.
I have sshd v.2 on it, and on the client side I have Datafellow's F-Secure
SSH 2 for Windows.

I plan to change the Suse Linux firewll with one on OpenBSD. As I want to
have a minimum of
disruption, and because I don't have the chance to modify the user's
configuration for
various reasons, I was wondering if it's possible to use OpenSSH with the
keys created for
sshd v.2. The keys are DSA 1024 bits.

The second question is about the functionality of OpenSSH. Currently I am
using FSecure
SSH and sshd to create a tunnel.
Would it  be possible to do the same thing with OpenSSH?


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