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System time being reset

I have a problem with system time being reset to January 1, 1997.
Everytime I do a shutdown the time is reset.

At first I assumed it was a bad battery, but I set the time in the
BIOS setup and turned off the system.  Turned it back on and time was
still ok.  This is a FIC VA-503+ motherboard, and Award BIOS 4.60PGA.
After the battery proved alright I tried another identical motherboard,
it had the same results.

One other interesting bit...when playing with this the date was
January 31.  As soon as I typed "shutdown -r now" the shutdown message
was showing a date of January 30, and when restarting it was again set
to January 1, 1997.  I'm pretty much lost on this one, any help would
be appreciated.

I did a quick search through past posts and didn't pull up anything
very similar, if I missed something please just redirect me.

Russell C. Frame
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