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Re: FTP install w/ @home cable

| >     Hi I wanted to do an FTP install, but I cannot get openbsd to dhcp
| > with the cable modem properly.  I have an @home cable modem setup, that
| > does not require any special software for windows, but it has to dhcp
| > its static address or it will not work.  Unfortunately, I have not been
| > able to do this with the boot disk.  Has anyone had success with this?
| What did you set your hostname to?
| Did you set it to the identifier that the @home people give you?
| You have to.  Otherwise, it won't work.

Is this the same for Road Runner and MediaOne? A friend of mine was trying
to get OpenBSD up on her MediaOne connection in Manchester, NH and it
wasn't working. Last I heard, she was getting an IP assigned with the
DHCP but she couldn't connect outside, or even ping her gateway. Any

.j0hn [john_(_at_)_maKintosh_(_dot_)_com]

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