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Re: Long lasting questions about OpenBSD: FTP PROXY, RAID 1

> As evaluating the OpenBSD box, some questions keeps unanswered,
> so here they are.
> Questions:
> -----------
> - Is it true that with an OpenBSD 2.6 box with the standard GENERIC kernel
>    the FTP PROXY method is not working? (I have read some postings
>    on deja.com about people recompiling there kernel and userland tools
>    to overcome this problem?)
>    I haven't seen straight YES or NO on this question, and I don't have read
>    any reports about people who have fixed it with the new CVS tree.

It works, but not under high load, necessitating the upgrade to a more
current snapshot, with a newer version of ipfilter. I believe there
were also issues with transferring large files, but I am not certain
about that.

> Well I could always fall back on Minix :-)

Ick Ick Ick Ick :)


> Thnx for youre time.