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Re: sshd wierdness

The man page for ssh included with openSSH talks about "KeepAlive" in the conf
file for the client.  Confirm that this is on and then if the connection is
lost for any reason the client and server should notice and die off


R2D2 <nobody_(_at_)_videotron_(_dot_)_ca> wrote:

I experienced the very same problem on a Linux server; sshd process
after the connection is closed, but that only happens with *some*

which makes me believe that it's the ssh client that's doing something
confuse the server...

maybe ask you friend to update it's ssh client, it might help :)


On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, you wrote:
> I'm having a bit of wierdness with ssh I hope someone can clear up for
> me.
> The novella:
> I notice my friend has been idle a while on my system:
> erik        pa xxxxxxxxx.tca. Sun02PM 34:02 -bash 
> erik        pb xxxxxxxxx.tca. Sun02PM 34:02 -bash
> I write him with:
> # echo "Wakeup slacker" | write erik
> write: you have write permission turned off
> write: erik is logged in more than once; writing to ttypb
> However, the write process hangs and I have to background it and kill
> it.
> Oddly enough, there are sshd processes running:
> root          7936  0.0  0.0    236    368 ??  IW      Sun02PM      0:00.37
sshd: erik_(_at_)_ttypa (sshd)
> root        15336  0.0  0.6    324    372 ??  I        Sun02PM      0:00.21
sshd: erik_(_at_)_ttypb (sshd)
> but netstat does not show connections from that host (and in fact, I
> verified by having friend reboot his system... no change in the status
> of the daemons)
> # ident `which sshd` | grep sshd
>          $Id: sshd.c,v 1.76 2000/01/04 16:54:58 markus Exp $
> The system was cvs'd around Jan 7th and built from sources.
> So, anyone have any idea why these sshd's are not dying? The KeepAlive
> options _is_ set in sshd_config
> thanks in advance,
> jeff
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