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Custom Kernel and sources.....

Forgive the list of qestions but....

I just installed OpenBSD 2,6, on my alpha last night via ftp, got it all going
and my plans are to use it as a firewall/gateway/router for my little home LAN.
I am currently running the generic kernel and would like to grab the source
(kernel for a custom kernel (do I NEED a custom kernel) and OS) but am unsure
how. I am fairly competant with FreeBSD, and was wondering if you use the same
cvsup idea to get source and compile. Also, when it comes to upgrading, do I
just do like in FreeBSD, ie; cvsup surce and a make world?


BTW, this is the FIRST bsd unix (I have had NetBSD, and FreeBSD on it too)  I
have run on that thing that I can use an external modem (56k) at full
speed...great Job....

I definately plan on buying a CD, even thought I have it installed, I would
like to help support the project.

Good job folks....

E-Mail: William Woods <freebsd_(_at_)_cybcon_(_dot_)_com>
Date: 11-Jan-00
Time: 08:27:24